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MusicDay, 11/4/97                 11/4/97
ANNCR: Hi, I'm Anita Bonita, and here's your MusicDay for November 4th,
              1997. ANNCR: On today's MusicDay birthday list: Chris Difford of Squeeze...Delbert
              McClinton...Night Ranger's Jeff Watson...Harry Elston of The Friends
              of Distinction...and the late James Honeyman-Scott of the Pretenders. ANNCR: On this date in 1963, the Beatles performed at the Royal Variety Show
              at the Prince of Wales Theatre. John's cheeky introduction of "Twist
              and Shout" was the talk of the entire commonwealth! ANNCR: And on November 4th, 1987, Russian for concert--the documentary of Billy
               Joel's Leningrad Tour--aired on HBO. ANNCR: I'm Anita Bonita, and that's your MusicDay for November 4th.

Timeline, 2/20/98
And now it's time for Timeline, this week in pop culture history. We give you three clues and three choices--you tell us what year it was, and we'll tell you what prize you've won! While rehearsing for the movie Kansas City Bomber, Raquel Welch broke her wrist, forcing a two-month delay in the start of filming. Grease opened at the Eden Theatre on New York City's Lower East Side. The cast included Barry Bostwick as "Danny Zuko" and Adrienne Barbeau as "Rizzo." And the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 was "Without You," by Harry Nilsson.
Was it 1972? 1973? or 1974? We'll be back with your answers, right after this. It all happened this week in 1972. We'll be back next week, with another edition of Timeline.

In The Groove, 6/6/96                        6/6/96
If you never thought you'd find the words "Dennis Rodman" and "sucker" in the same sentence, think again! The Chicago Bulls forward--he of the many tattoos and the feather boa--will have a lollipop likeness coming out soon. The pops, which will be in the shape of a bloated worm with Rodman's face on top (he's known as "The Worm"), will come in as many flavors as Rodman's had hair colors--including strawberry-banana, root beer, and tutti-frutti.
Let's Go To The Videotape...
Michael Jackson has filed a lawsuit against a journalist who claims to have had access to a videotape which reportedly shows Jackson molesting a 13-year-old boy--and now a judge has ordered writer Victor Gutierrez to tell how he learned about the allegedly incriminating video. Jackson's suit also names the TV show Hard Copy. Meanwhile, Gutierrez's attorney says that his client is not certain yet whether or not he'll keep his source confidential.
Mouse In Da House
The Disney Store has announced plans to open a branch in the new Harlem USA complex, part of a 56-million dollar entertainment and retail center planned for the southwest corner of West 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in the heart of Harlem. Mickey Mouse and friends will provide the community with an estimated 500 additional jobs, and Disney officials are calling it a "win-win situation"--for both the company and the local population.

The Land Down Under?
One year ago today, Boyz II Men and the Four Tops planted a time capsule beneath what is now the Motown Cafe in New York City.

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