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MIX 105 News, 11/12/96                                         Mix 105 Newsflash
Good morning! It's 33 degrees at 8:30. I'm Anita Bonita, with a Mix 105 Newsflash.
They're singing a song alright on the 59th Street Bridge, and it's not "Feelin' Groovy"--it's "finally moving." After four weeks of constant complaints from commuters and local residents, yesterday, city officials finally returned the bridge to its previous traffic pattern.
Tomorrow, Governor Pataki is expected to announce the biggest changes in Welfare in the state system's 60-year history. The proposed legislation cuts monthly grants for hundreds of thousands of families, and ends cash benefits for many legal immigrants and able-bodied childless adults. Currently, 1-point-4 million people in New York State are on Welfare.
Mamaroneck town officials say they're keeping tabs on several suspects in the case of the vandals who painted anti-Semitic graffiti on four houses there over the weekend. Town Supervisor Elaine Price says that while all the suspects are grown men, police have no evidence that the graffiti is the work of an organised hate group.
Attention, straphangers: you not only have just 45 seconds to get on and off your train, the TA is now enlisting the help of orange-vested "etiquette enforcers" to make sure you step aside for departing fellow passengers. A TA spokesman said, "You don't see this on any other transit system anywhere in the world...but we do have an in-your-face culture here in New York City."
And just when you think you finally got all the polyester out of your closet--guess again. Scientists have discovered that when they genetically alter cotton fabric by inserting a polyester gene, you get a fiber that's wrinkle-free and warm as wool in the wintertime. (No word yet on whether they're looking to get that balance up to 50/50.)
In local sports action last night, the Rangers and Islanders both lost. The Knicks and the Nets both had the night off. And later today, they'll be naming the American League Cy Young Award winner; the heavy favorite is the Yanks' Andy Petitte.
Mix 105 Weather: Partly sunny and windy today, going up to 45. Mostly clear and cold tonight, lows 25 to 30. And partly sunny again tomorrow, with a high of just 40 degrees.
Right now, it's 33 at 8:32. Next Newsflash at 9:00. I'm Anita Bonita for Mix 105.

MIX 105 Entertainment Report, 11/12/96              Mixin' It Up (Entertainment Report)
Hello, everybody! I'm Anita Bonita, and it's time for another edition of Mixin' It Up!
Y'know, sometimes not even fame and fortune can insulate a star from having to deal with everyday life. Turns out Madonna has to cope with a problem familiar to new parents with pets: her doggy is jealous of her baby, and has turned into the chihuahua from hell! Rumor has it that the Material Mom has called in a top-notch therapist--not for herself, for the dog.
Now that the election is over, it's time to fill some key government posts. Variety has a few nominations for President Clinton: Steven Seagal to be chief of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms...Barbra Streisand to serve as Ambassador to Poland...and, based on past performance, the always diplomatic Ted Turner to head up the CIA.
We know that an overstuffed burrito can command your full attention--but would you believe...Chris Isaak stopped by a Mexican restaurant on a New York lunch hour to entertain the diners, and, in the words of one observer, "Not one person bothered to even put their taco down." How much you wanna bet Chris records "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" for his next album?
And Lisa Marie Presley's reportedly told her friends she feels like she's been "hit over the head with a baseball bat." Why, you ask? Because she begged Michael Jackson to have a baby with her before their marriage collapsed, but he only wanted to adopt. Well, I guess it's a gender-bending moonwalker's prerogative to change his mind.
We'll be back Mixin' It Up again tomorrow. Till then, I'm Anita Bonita for Mix 105.

METS WIN! (Zoo Special, 10/28/86)
[Music under]
SHANNON: And the dream was on its way to becoming reality.
World Series, Game 1...Shea Stadium...the Mets' bats were silenced by Bruce Hurst. Boston 1, New York nothing.
Game 2 at better for the home team...the "Clash of the Titans" between Dwight Gooden and Roger Clemens never happened...Boston belted 18 hits off five Met pitchers...the Red Sox won, 9-3.
With New York down two games to nothing, the Series moved to Fenway Park...the Mets finally showed the Beantowners why they were the National League champions...pounding the Red Sox for their first win of the Series, 7-1. It all began in the top of the 1st...Len Dykstra's bat connected with Oil Can Boyd's third pitch...and the Mets were ahead, 1-0.
[Dykstra clip]
Game 4...Fenway Park...the Series was tied up 2-all...The Mets got seven scoreless innings from Ron Darling and a dozen hits...including two home runs over the Green Monster by Gary Carter.
[Carter clip]
And then Game 5 at Fenway...Doctor K and first-game winner Bruce Hurst...
[Smokey clip]
Smokey Robinson opened the game with a classic rendition of our National Anthem...but for the Mets, it was all downhill from there...once again, Gooden wasn't good enough while Hurst went all the way...Red Sox 4, Mets 2. Keith Hernandez had been there before--and he knew the Mets would come back.
[Hernandez clip]
Back to New York, backs against the wall, for Game 6...For the Mets, it was "do or die"--and they did. Some say it was the greatest comeback game in World Series history. Final score: in ten innings, Mets 6, Red Sox 5. Thank you, Mookie.
[Hit clip] [Zoo clip--Mookie/Macy's window]
Monday, October 27th, 1986...Shea Stadium, Flushing Meadow, New York City. It all came down to Game 7 of the 1986 World Series...New York Mets manager Davey Johnson knew there would be no tomorrow.
[Davey Johnson clip]
And eight-and-a-half  innings later, the dream came true.
[Game clip: "We Are The Champions"]

And, for a longer snippet of Mets Update than the one in the demo...                Mets Update snippet

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