Anita Bonita


Z-100 14th Anniversary, 8/97
This shot was taken in the lobby of  Z-100 during the station's 14th anniversary
bash on 1 August 1997. Dramatis personae: (top) Elliot Segal; (back row, left to right)
Ross Brittain, John Rio, Tom Poleman; (middle row) Anita Bonita, John Bell, Claire Stevens,
Elvis Duran, Christine Nagy; (front row) Greg T. the Frat Boy and Jack da Wack.

The Z-Morning Zoo, Halloween '83
The original Z-100 Morning Zoo, all dressed up for Halloween, 1983. (Left to right: Scott Shannon, Ross Brittain, "Captain Kevin" Smith, Claire Stevens, John Bell, J.R. Nelson, Anita Bonita.) 

Anita, Linda, and friends, 3/17/84
The infamous Z-100 "Distaff Half" remote at the Auto Mall in West Islip, Long Island--St. Patrick's Day, 1984--green bagels and all! Left to right: Anita Bonita, Claire Stevens, grand prize winner Elizabeth Hagelich, and Linda Silver (then known as "Shauna King"). 

Anita at WNEW-AM, 12/87

With Igor the Computer, writing and scheduling promos at WNEW-AM, December, 1987. (The picture was taken by Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins.) 

Official NY Mets Press Pass, 1993

An official 1993 New York Mets Press Pass. 
(Of course, if you're the only female radio/TV 
reporter at the ballpark on an everyday basis, 
this is just a formality--because, in fact, 
your face is your press pass!) 

Anita with Micky Dolenz, 7/25/86
Anita with Lauren Apryll, 1984
With Micky Dolenz in the Z-100 studio, July '86.
With Lauren Apryll, backstage at Robert Klein's show at My Father's Place (Roslyn, LI), 1984.

Baby DJ...literally!

Bonita Bear
Vintage photo of Baby DJ...with alleged first listener. (Notice that mouth is already open.)
"Bonita Bear," as officially named by Z-100 fan park rangers in little bitty piece of Pennsylvania.

The Channel 9 Broadcast Booth at Shea, 1991
The usual suspects for Mets home TV broadcasts in 1991: announcers Tim McCarver and Ralph 
Kiner, stage manager Ralph Robbins, reporter/researcher Anita Bonita, visiting cameraman 
Win Bernfeld. (Not seen, to Win's left: the late, legendary high home cameraman Andres 
"Andy" Hernandez, who retired after 32 years on 29 June 1994.)

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