Anita Bonita

("My Home's In Alabama"--Alabama)    4/19/95
All across America
On every TV screen
Was Oklahoma City
Lookin' like we'd never seen
On the faces of the people
What we saw written there
Was a pain so devastating
That there's nothing to compare
We saw Oklahoma's bravest
Who would not give up the fight
Workin' hard from when it happened
All the way clear through the night
No time to consider
Who would do this thing, or why
Everyone so busy pitchin' in
There was no time to cry All the heroes, we recall
We salute them, one and all...

("Candle In The Wind"--Elton John)    9/1/97
Goodbye, Princess Di
Though we'll never know what might have been
You had the grace to hold yourself
As if you'd been a queen
Celebrity was tough
Perhaps the toughest role you played
Paparazzi called you "superstar"
Now we grieve at the price you paid Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever will
(Note: This was in the hands of affiliates before it was even announced that Elton John would be singing at the funeral of the Princess of Wales...let alone which song.)

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