Phil Muro

Written by Phil...produced by Phil...and, best of all, performed by Phil!

"FUNKY SMALL BIKINI" ("Funky Cold Medina"--Tone Loc)     Click to hear in RealAudio
Strollin' on the beach, one real hot day in summer
All winter long, the chicks are gone--that really was a bummer
Now I'm checkin' out the babes; they're layin' in the sun
They rub on oil and start to broil their sexy thighs and buns
But then I spot this one girl, it's like I Dream of Jeannie
She's really stacked and fully packed in a Funky Small Bikini

She don't need no life preserver...know what I'm sayin'?
Funky Small Bikini...she could kick sand in my face anytime!

I say my name is Loc, and tell her she's a cutie
She starts to smile, but all the while, I'm starin' at her booty
I move my towel closer, hopin' for a little action
She's got the chest that is the best, she's like LaToya Jackson
So she goes to write her number, but then there is a scenie
'Cause she takes my book but forgot to hook her Funky Small Bikini

That bikini's a monster, y'all...I'd like to give her some mouth-to-mouth...
Funky Small Bikini!
Oh, my Lord...she's givin' me heat stroke! Know what I'm sayin'?!
                                                      - Phil Muro, 5/90
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