Phil Muro

Phil Muro, 1996 Hell on skis!
As long as there is an Eclectic Company, there will be a place somewhere in it for Phil Muro.
We lost Phil to ALS on 3 January 1997, about seven weeks before he would have turned 33.
He made us laugh, he made us cry, he made us think, he made us feel...and most of all, he made us react. He loved fiercely and he hated fiercely. He hated hypocrisy and people telling him what to do. He loved the Yankees, Howard Stern, skiing, Beavis & Butt-head, his friends, his young nephew Thomas, and most of all, his "pop"--the man who had been both mom and dad to him since amyotrophic lateral sclerosis had claimed his mother's life in 1967. (Click here to read what Phil wrote after his father's passing in 1995.)

He bit into life as if it had been a peach--and even during the times when all he could reach was the pit, he still managed to find the humour within. Only Phil could have written witty, scathing parodies about the disease which was robbing him of the use of his muscles...and only Phil would have "saluted" the namesake of Lou Gehrig's Disease with a bit called "Pride of the Spankees!"

Phil--producer, engineer, writer, artist, musician, comedian, and thinker--called his production company Non-Stop Productions. That's how he worked, and that's how he lived.

One of the things which worried Phil most was that he would be remembered only for the manner of his passing, not for his contributions during his short but vivid life. We--his ProMedia friends and colleagues Frank Guida, Mike Pollock, and Anita Bonita, plus his devoted friend and nurse Ginny Hamilton--promised him that would not happen, and we thank you for helping us keep our word.
The Mountain
The Rap
The Social Commentary
The Journal*
The Wish
The Closing Slate

*This was written by Phil in September, 1996--and e-mailed the day before he was hospitalized
for the last time. It is very difficult reading, but it was important to him that people understand
"his world," and so it's important to us that we give him the stage from which to present it.
To find out more about ALS, point your browser to,
the website of  the ALS Association..

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